Bathurst Regional Airport NSW


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Bathurst Regional Airport NSW. Country Airstrips Australia
Bathurst Regional Airport NSW

Bathurst Regional Airport in NSW services to town of Bathurst and surrounding areas.

The airport’s history dates to just prior the Second World War when local politicians campaigned for an airport for Bathurst. The war prompted the Federal Government to establish the aerodrome during the war years.

Immediately following the war commercial air services commenced with passenger flights to Sydney.

Today several flying schools operate at the airport and it is used frequently by trainee pilots during their navigation training.

There are no landing charges for aircraft under 2000kg which makes it a popular option as a destination for many pilots.

The airport has two primary runways: one sealed and one brown gravel (with large grass area either side of gravel). It also has one secondary runway used for glider traffic. The sealed runway, taxiway and apron have lighting facilities which are pilot-activated.

The airport is used for recreational flying, business jets, charters, regular passenger flights, emergency services, and Air Force flights. Bathurst Regional Council owns, manages and maintains the Airport.

Area Forecast
20 / 21
Strip Direction
08 / 26 : 17 / 35
GPS Position
33° 2434 S
149° 3907 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
1315 : 1705
WAC Chart
3456 / 3457
Melb Centre 135.25 on Ground
Strip Surface
Brown Gravel : Sealed
Bathurst Regional Council
02 6333 6100
ARO 0408 639 075
1 – LH side RWY 17 THR
1 – LH side RWY 08 THR
– In front of main tarmac
ASIC Security/VIS Vest
AVGAS JetA1 Bowser
Aero Refueller card, MC, Visa
Distance to Town
8.5 KM
17 / 35 AFRU + PAL 127.35
Aircraft Parking
Bathurst Taxi 02 6325 0022
Landing Fees
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 127.35

RWY 35 RH Circuits
Caution: Bird and animal hazards
Note: See ERSA for requirements with Glider OPS